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Why Choose the Law Office of Jay R. Mueller?

"Mr. Mueller helped me with my divorce case in Valencia County while I was out of state serving in the Army. He was great at keeping the communication and did everything he said he would do. He represented me in court, as I was unable to attend in person. He got all the paperwork done that was needed and assisted me in getting my divorce quickly once everything was in place. Thank you Mr. Mueller! I highly recommend this attorney"---A.G.

We appreciate the fact that you can choose from a variety of attorneys to assist you. What makes the Law Office of Jay R. Mueller different from all the rest is our commitment to you.

  • Personalized Service: You and your case won't be handed off to an associate attorney or paralegal;
  • One-on-One Collaboration: You work with your attorney towards the results you want.
  • High Tech Representation: Communication between you and your attorney via tele-conference, texting, email, or fax (video conferencing in development)
  • Responsiveness beyond the traditional 9-5 workday. We can meet for conferences at your convenience and almost anywhere.
  • Reasonable Attorney Fees and Payment Plans are Available

Much of the value we create for our clients is non-quantifiable. That value is reflected in our clients continually referring their friends and family members to our office. Representing people is a relationship; one we take very seriously.

Your case is not simply another file or just a case number. We respect that you are a person and so are your loved ones.

Your case is important to us and will be treated with the highest degree of attention, energy, and legal skill.

Much legal work is done behind the scenes such as research, writing, and delicate negotiations. These things can be difficult to readily appreciate. However our clients experience in many circumstances feelings of security, empowerment, and peace of mind during and after representation.

In some cases, our clients are concerned with settlement vs. litigation. We make every effort to settle cases on terms that are satisfactory to our clients. We find negotiation is far superior to confrontation. This is often times the case whether in Family Law or DWI Defense.

Many times it's better for you, your lawyer, and the opposing attorney to resolve your issues rather than a judge.

Despite what the media portrays, the vast majority of all legal cases are settled without a trial. It's said that 93% of divorce cases never make it to trial and 90% of criminal cases never go to an actual trial. This is good because many times it's only bad cases that go to trial!

Albuquerque courts

We have found that prolonged courtroom battles and endless litigation quickly dwindle the resources originally intended for the client's family. We are committed to efficient case resolution which saves you money. Money that you can use for your children.

Sometimes, however, negotiations fail. We are fully capable of litigating challenging cases, and this reputation helps us in obtaining fair out-of- court resolutions for our clients.

Remember, a good attorney wants to solve problems and avoid unnecessary conflicts, not create them!

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