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What to Expect at the Initial Consultation

People are often anxious about meeting with an attorney especially if this is the first time. Your consultation with Mr. Mueller will be a productive work session where you and Mr. Mueller will discuss your legal matter. He will offer a candid analysis and then the next step is for both of you to decide if retaining Mr. Mueller is a good fit for you.

Please be sure to bring all the legal documents that you have for your case. If your case is a family law, child custody, or similar matter, please bring the last court order if any. If it's a criminal matter, please bring the complaint and any other documents you were given.

It's crucial that you are honest and explain everything in the initial consultation. Please rest assured that everything you discuss will be held in confidence.

We recognize that when you visit with us, you are likely experiencing a great deal of anxiety, frustration, and stress. We endeavor to maintain a calm work environment to help you at this difficult time.

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