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What the Clients Say:

Hello to all that come to this site. This man is an exceptional attorney. He helped my son with a difficult and stressful custody case. Mr. Mueller was able to get my son full permanent custody of both of his children, and we will be forever grateful to him. Mr. Mueller handled this case with care and compassion and acted quickly to ensure the safety of both children. If there are any dads out there that need help I highly suggest that you retain this man. I can not emphasize enough the amount of work and dedication that was shown to our family. Thank you so much Mr. Mueller. AJ

The first thing I would like to say is that I would highly recommend Jay Mueller to any body looking for an affordable lawyer. Now I have sole custody of my son, which is priceless! Some of us just dont have the cash to pay all the lawyer fees! Jay let me make payments after giving the retainer. My Mother is getting ready to use him for some other services because of how well everything went.

Thanks Jay Mueller.---DG

I would recommend Jay Mueller to anyone. He has been my lawyer 4x now and I have known him for over 10years. He treats his clients like people, not dollar signs. He truly wants to help people and gets to know you and your case, one on one. Sometimes I would forget he was my lawyer, because he really made me feel like his friend.---JB

Great services provided by Mr Mueller. He was very empathetic a trait that is not found much in this type of industry. His prices were very reasonable for my family/domestic/divorce issues.---RB

Mr. Mueller is an extremely honest lawyer! Very concerned about the welfare of his clients, compassionate and willing to put in the extra hours. Concerned with justice and fairness. Very knowledgeable about family law.---DM

I would highly recommend Mr. Mueller! He's the best attorney in New Mexico. He's overall a great guy!---DE

As being a previous client I hold to believe Jay Mueller as honest, approachable, affordable, nonjudgmental, knows the in's and out's of magistrate and district court. I highly recommend him as a lawyer for your needs, he will not bs you and holds true to his word.---VF

I would recommend Jay to everyone he is the best family attorney I've been working with him since 2012 ! Great attorney very affordable.---AV

Needed representation. Mr. Mueller and his firm always were there no matter what time of the day. Highly recommended.---RJ

I have hired Jay for multiple cases. His dedication to helping people and his education and expertise in law and in the court room is remarkable. He personally connects with his clients and works so hard for each and every one. I recommend Jay Muller and Associates to everyone I meet. He will fight and work hard for you and bring justice to your situation. This Law Firm is just, sincere and one you can trust no matter your situation. JB

Jay Mueller is one for the books. His services are grand and professional. He is always on time and great with keeping us up to date with new information. He is never messy and is very organized with his time. If we wanted a meeting, he was there to provide one. It was never a waiting game. His presence was there when needed and was always comforting. Mr. Mueller is the one I would highly recommend for a family or any one in need. His services are wonderful and were very much appreciated. LY

Mr. Mueller helped me with my divorce case in Valencia County while I was out of state serving in the Army. He was great at keeping the communication and did everything he said he would do. He represented me in court, as I was unable to attend in person. He got all the paperwork done that was needed and assisted me in getting my divorce quickly once everything was in place. Thank you Mr. Mueller! I highly recommend this attorney...AG

I have known Jay for several years. He sets himself apart from most attorneys with his personality and compassion. Jay truly cares about his clients. Jay has helped me with my personal legal matters, and I continue to refer his services to others who are looking for an attorney to go above and beyond for them. DS

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